Bloggers x BB Butchers Night
We were treated to a night at B&B Butchers along with a great group of local bloggers hosted by Candace and Megan to have a taste of what the latest butcher shop and restaurant has to offer.  Located on Washington in a historic brick building, it has a great classic modern atmosphere.  Not too stuffy, not too casual.

But really it was all about the food and we left beyond full, and honestly barely talked since we were too busy eating.   From a charcuterie plate, steak salad, thick cut bacon bites, crab salad and crab cake, carpet baggers (fried oysters topped with steak, bacon and blue cheese).  And that was just to start.  Our mains were either fillets, sirloins, lamb.  Me and Fifi decided to split our meats and picked a Fillet topped with truffle butter, and a dry aged sirloin.  Both came out delicious, but we can't forget the sides that came out.  The truffle mac & cheese was winning.  We ended with a selection of desserts that we somehow managed to still finish.  It was a decadent evening that we thoroughly enjoyed, and highly recommend, go with friends (because a good night always equates to the company you're with) and be sure to go with an empty stomach, you'll want to eat everything.

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