Jacket: Unconditional | Shirt: Silent by Damir Doma | Shoe: T.U.K

Yesterday I wore black. Today I'm wearing black. Tomorrow I will wear black. Black all day everyday. Hello We Wear Things, I'm Vinnie. You may have seen me around with Issa and Fifi here and there, and now you'll see me on here (finally). It's been some time, but now I am ready to release the kraken. 

My style in three words: witchy, goth, and noir.  Street goth is my life; it's a mixture of street wear and high-end fashion with an overall dark/black, gothic inspired aesthetic. There's a lot of layering and playing with texture, while blending the cuts and silhouettes that are exaggerated in many high fashion brands with the minimalistic and asymmetrical cuts of street wear. Confused yet? Yaaaasss.


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