fringe situation

wwt issarocks fringe leather skirt
Fringe Skirt:  The Cusp Neiman Marcus  | heels:  Prada |  top:  Mango

So I go into crazy OCD phases when I really get into something, whether it's watching a tv series (netflix binge) or working on a project that I'm really inspired on (up for all hours into the night), or fashion things, like this fringe skirt. I first saw someone during NYFW with one, and then more similar ones started popping up on my instagram feed.  I had to have one.  After searching that interwebs,  I found this leather version at Neiman Marcus.   Which I LOVE.

And I got just in time for my Yellow Magazine coming out party.  Oh you didn't know?  I've got a fancy new job title.  Editor-in-Chief.

and some chill tunes since it's Monday.   MUSIC MONDAY.



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