dark summer

issarocks in forever 21
dress: Forever 21  | bag: Chanel  | Sandals:  Saks Fifth Ave Grey

WWT issarocks in forever21 and vintage Chanel

Am i still talking about summer dressing? yes.  I picked this dress up on a whim otherwise known as going to the mall to get necessities from Target and making my way into Forever 21 then buying something to make myself feel better. THOSE ENDORPHINS.   I know you get them too, it's the same with shopping online except there's more anxiety and no instant gratification.

back to the dress.  it's lightweight, embroidered, like any good summer-esque dress, but black.  perfect.

also good job Eliza Doolittle on the photobombs.   AND are you following me on the instagrams and my NYFW adventures?


  1. Amazing post! And i love your blog:)
    I am now following you on Bloglovin, follow me back?:)


  2. This drop-waist dress looks so cute on you! I'd love to be able to wear one but I always look so odd in that style. Also, I've totally done the "Oh, I need something at Target...hmmm....yes I can totally fit in 10 other stores on this trip too!"

    Jyoti @ whatjocraves.com


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