sneaker days.

dress/hat: target |  jacket: dorothy perkins | shoes: converse x missoni 

after receiving this pair of converse x missoni high top chucks, i couldn't wait to rip them outta the box.  i may not normally be a sneaker girl, but look at what the difference a summer makes,  since i've been all Birkenstocks all day every day.  flats aren't so bad.. i mean they're comfy! and who doesn't want that.

miss doolittle approves.

you can get yourself a pair exclusively at Nordstrom, or grab them at starting Aug 28.


  1. Very nice look! Your dog is so cute :)

  2. Ahhh these converse x missoni's are AMAZING. so sick! xx

  3. i'm so not a sneaker girl either. but these are adorable on you!
    as a side note, i just realized that i pretty much got your haircut yesterday when i chopped my hair. #twinsies

  4. love your converse. it's cool!!!!


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