one more sweater

sweater: oak+fort | jeans: forever21 | shirt: h&m | shoes: zara
our spring weather has been wacky, at least for down here, periodic cold fronts that knock us off guard (and makes me run back inside to change rq),  we're used to nearly 90 degrees by now, so 60s-70s is pretty shocking, even if it's for 2 days.  one more usage out of layering and sweaters?  OF COURSE I LOVE IT.


  1. so interesting how we become acclimated to our environment. when i lived down south i would've worn a sweater in 60's weather but now i that i live farther north, i reserve sweaters for 50 and colder.. in 60's here everyone is in tshirts and shorts!

  2. So fresh. Loving the clean lines and paired down palette of this look!


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