clarins glow

Me and Fifi were again treated to checkout the latest goodies from Clarins.  After being won over by their double serum.  It's good man, pricey maybe? but it's a good investment.  I mean it's your face, and you have that forever.

Beyond that we learned about a whole new slew of items just in time for spring break, to get you into that summer glow.  Since i'm already a bit tan all year long, I didn't try the golden booster, but it sounds like magic.  Just 3 drops of  it mixed in with your face cream can give your face some summer color.
Something I'll definitely be using?  The spray sunscreen  that helps protect you from all the dryness the sun can bring, and it's also good for your hair.
But I was most excited to try their Opalescence collection.  The new instant light radiance base works like a primer, and evens out your skin tone amongst other things.  The face and blush powder is a light powder also to add a slight illumination DAT GLOW.  And if you think just because spring is here that a smokey eye is out - their eye quartet mineral palette is a mix of great of 4 colors that can give you a nice

now some grainy phone pics.  Fifi being model, and getting her glow on by Christopher Truffa.


  1. Great product, love the pictures!!!

  2. j'aime beaucoup ton article !!

  3. Cool product! I definitely need to try it out!


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