The Guide to Isabel Marant pour H&M

Down the Rabbithole, Alice tumbled.
On the night that Phillip Lim's recent Target collaboration went live online, Issa and I, like the true fashion victims we are, stayed up all night scouring twitter and sharing links with each other over chat, snapping up whatever we could, as each item went live.

When she inboxed me the invitation to pay H&M's Manhattan Showroom a visit to preview Isabel Marant's collection for H&M, due to debut Thursday, November 14 in stores, all I could do was squeal an affirmative "YES!"to Bijoux (my cat) as I did a happy dance at my desk.

Mind you, I am not a huge fan of the wedge sneaker that has become the signature Isabel Marant shoe, but the photos of Milla, Devon, Daria, Alek and company which have been "leaking" furiously around the web for months now have had me salivating, just like a good fashion junkie.

So into the rabbithole I went, muffling the death cries of mercy from my wallet (which is still reeling from my Target x Phillip Lim shopping spree), and here is what I saw:

The showroom looks exactly like a less stocked H&M store.
I need all of it. Yes, the entire line.
Now before you start a pilgrimage to the nearest H&M to pitch a tent outside and "beat" the lines, plot carefully while you still have access to your internet connected devices. If you are a seasoned veteran, you already know, these collections inspire the kind of excitement that turns quickly into mania.

Know what you are going for, do not just grab furiously.

To help you with your plotting, I've compiled a mini guide to help you select the most signature pieces from this collection. (You're Welcome)

Loopy Wool Cardigan $129
Remember, Isabel Marant is all in the details... and, this cardigan is everything Marant, and by everything, I mean EVERYTHING. You can use this for years to come. (BTW, It's oversize, so if you are petite, like me, grab a size smaller than you think you are.)

Printed "Jean" Pant with trim detail $99
There are a few different items that use this print. As a designer who once specialized in details and embelishments, I am endlessly impressed by Marant's ability to translate trends in print to things that are, mark my words, sure to be timeless.  I think you can pretty much go for any incarnation of this print and treasure it for ages.

Sequin Legging $199

This is the only sequin item in the entire line and it's fantastic. It looks like a mermaid washed ashore and Marant skinned her. Yes, I said that. Never mind the cruel imagery: You need them.

And... here are a few more finely detailed items I highly suggest you reach for:

1. Peek-a-boo dress, 2. Oversize Tux Jacket, 3. Ruched Skirt, 4. Cropped Chanel-esque Jacket, 5. Amazing Motor-cycle Pant, 6. Slouchy Fringe Boot, 7. Sequined Pump, 8, Metal Mesh and Leather Belt. For pricing check out 

Other insights...

The women's collection will be launched with girl's, boy's and men's lines.You may want to explore the men's range for pieces that are unisex, or, if you are petite, there may even be options from the kids lines that can be commandeered for your own closet!

This collection will be available in select stores bright and early on Thursday, November 14th. (Check the store locator to see if your store gets the collab - Sorry to my Houston Gals!) If you are not in a town where the line will land, you are in luck! H&M will be offering this designer collaboration on online, a big first.  Online sales are scheduled to open at 12PM EST on the release date.

Also, swing by Made(Up) in NY to see my personal Isabel Marant pour H&M wish list. ;)

Good Luck and happy shopping!

Please share your spoils with us! We want to know what you dig.


  1. I love this collaboration! Thanks for sharing this.. it's always cool to hear other people's opinions on collaborations such as this one. Found your blog on The StyleUp and I love it!! Xx

  2. I am French and Live in Los ANgeles, I was a bit disappointed because we did not have all the collection, but I found some cool stuff! See my looks wearing it on my blog INITIALS LA

  3. Die Kollektion ist einfach wunderschön und ich hoffe, dass dies nicht die letzte Zusammenarbeit war. Das Interessa an der Kollektion war schon sehr groß.


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