Berricle recently contacted me to pick out a pair of earrings, and I quickly knew after surveying their site that I wanted a pair of studs.  

A few years ago, my parents gave me a pair of simple diamond studs that I loved.  Despite the complicated array of earrings that I have, I like uncomplicated jewelry.  I tend to put on a pair of earrings and not switch them out for months.  And so the studs sparkled in my ears for a very long time, until one day I noticed that only one ear was sparkling.

These studs that I chose are an affordable alternative to my long lost earring(s?), and I love how the detail of additional sparkle along the perimeter of the earring makes them a bit different from your standard studs.  

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  1. I love studs. After reading your review, I am about to make a purchase myself :)


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