Miss Alice: Goodbye Summer

Hello Friends.
I suppose I am a tiny bit behind on this. This, and in life in general. Oops. But... I just didn't want to launch straight into NYFW without wrapping up the summer in my tiny corner of WWT.

Since we are talking about summer... I'm going talk about what I wore on my last trip to the beach...

Yes, it's cloudy and I am still under an umbrella.
For a girl who looks naturally tan, you'll be surprised to learn that I am horribly sensitive to the sun. I actually burn very easily and often get a not so cute rash... And now for my PSA.

It's really easy to forgo the sunscreen as summer winds down, but don't skip out!

Infact, let me make it easier for you: BB cream (or CC cream). Most BB (and CC) cream formulations incorporate SPF in addition to other skincare ingredients. This makes it simple to combine your moisturizer, your primer, and your foundation into one step, and get good sun protection. These days I'm wearing the Lumene Vitamin C+ BB Cream with SPF 20 every day, and finding that it really makes a difference in the surface of my skin.  

Yes, I wore makeup to the beach. Don't judge, it's my sunscreen!

In addition to Lumene BB I'm wearing:

Lip: Loreal Colour Juice lip gloss in Pop Sugar
Swimsuit: High-waisted Bow Retro Bikini from H&M

For other product suggestions to help you "extend" your summer and stretch your sun-kissed look into the fall you can see my product picks on Examiner.

And now we can leave the summer behind (harhar), and move on to the fall, first stop NYFW ;) Photos by Vickie An


  1. Wow love it! So vintage
    Thanks for your comment!! You're so cute <3
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     - Hannah's Heels

  2. The bows make it so cute!!!
    I love this style on the beach!!!



  3. Such a cute swimsuit.


  4. loved your swimsuit...
    you look so pretty..:)
    Thanks for visiting my blog..
    I am following you..Hope you will follow me too..
    Stay in touch..!!


  5. Great post and your bikini is super cute

    Greetings from London,


  6. Cute bikini! cant wait till its beach weather again here *sigh*

    -Tara x


  7. Such a cute swimsuit. I'm definitely not ready to leave summer behind.


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