violent lips, violent eyes.

top: forever 21  ||  shorts:  forever21
Violent Lips graciously sent me a few products to try from collection of varying fun and crazy styles.  Admittedly I had never heard of them before, and more in awe to find out that it was founded by a 14 year old girl from California.  I was also a lil bit scurred when I found out they were like temporary tattoos for your lips and eyes.  Possibly more scared when all the patterns came in. O_O I mean really could I pull them off?  It seems celebrities with a penchant for making a fashion statement like the Kardashians and Lady Gaga have been sporting them for awhile now.  And if Giuliana Rancic can do it then so can I.

I decided to go full out and try every single one of them, the eyes included.  After the first try I got addicted, it's actually pretty fun to wear on a night out.  OR if you're making a statement.  #loveislove

After testing both the lips and eyes, I've realized practice does make perfect on application (there's guidelines to cut to fit your lips/eyes), and removal is relatively easy with a makeup wipe.  As for passing the food/drink test - drinking went well, eating not as well.  But it could also be due to application too close to the waterline on the lips.   still perfecting my application skills.  Also for the eyes the wider designs worked better on my asian eyes to overlap the crease as opposed to being stuck in it. LOOKED WIERD MAN, and fake eyelashes are a must.

Price Points: Violent lips $9.99 for a set of three, and Violent Eyes $9.99 for a sets of 8 that features 4 eyeliner styles. 

Where you can find Violent Lips and Violent Eyes?  

Online at  
Los Angeles: Ultra, Urban Outfitters, Kitson, Fred Segal, It's Sugar                
New York City: SXRE, Urban Outfitters, Rickys NYC, It's Sugar, Spencer's Gifts
Houston: Edward Sanchez Vanity Lounge


  1. omg these are SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love them! and you can DEFINITELY pull them off!

  2. Whoa I have never seen these before and I have to tell you they look unique and awesome on!

  3. wow i really love how the glittery eyes turned out, worth the trickiness of application and would be perfect for going out!

    -Tara x


  4. Statement makeup? Yes. You looks fabulous in it. The Pride one is the best :D


  5. Hmmm that looks so gorgeous and attractive. I really like the eye make up its awesome.

  6. I've never seen these before, I want to tell you that they look unique and awesome on!


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