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L'Opera Makeup

L'Opera Cosmetics so graciously sent me some of their products to try.  I opened up a box full of eye shadows, powders, and mystery boxes to open.  Now where to start? why not the shiny boxes, of course.

Skin Care seems to be the main focus for L'Opera Cosmetics, carrying a variety of specialty face creams and serums.  First I tried the Blanchissante set, which was a serum and a day/night cream, focused on diminishing the appearance of age spots and wrinkles.  It's like an all in one also helping against acne, whitening, and mattifying.  Perfect for my skin and the humidity down here in Houston.   Plus at my age I know I need to start slathering on all the anti-aging creams.  This one feels light, absorbs easily and has a light fragrance that's not overpowering nor long lasting.  I'm not big onto strong smells so this one was perfect.

I also have the Lamina cream, for helping against acne.  I tend to break out randomly during THAT time of the month on my chin, I also have an aversion for menthol smelling things.  This cream has that smell, it just smells like it's working, and I like it.

The last cream that I tried was the Bio Skin Repair Rejuvenating Cream, another great anti-aging cream with retinol.  This one also has that nice light fragrance, and absorbs easily.

Overall I really liked all the creams, they felt nice and light, and at least I felt like I was being diligent about my skin care regime with quality products.  


  1. lovely post. Follow each other in GFC and bloglovin? :)

    Bong's Belleza

  2. I have never tried L'Opera cosmetic items before. Just want to give a try, by the way how about the quality?


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