double cross'd

silk top: vintage, faux leather shorts: ebay (similar), shoes: primark, tattoo tights:  romwe

you call this winter? well at least it was for a few days.. then today wuddafxup, back to the humidity.  but it's fine..  it means more chances to wear these faux leather shorts. so comfy so easy to wear.  why didn't i buy ones like this before?

they also remind me i need to work out.. you know how elastic shorts leave those weird creases across your waist//tummy.  that should be firmer.  definitely time to get back in shape.

and best for last.  TATTOO TIGHTS.  so i've always had an affinity for tattoos.. but always too scared.. then i kept getting older and they became less feasible.  also so very unlike.. me.  but looks good on other ppl.  so when i saw these i was like Y NOT?  play time.  i bought a few varieties.

today everyone stared at my shins.


  1. i totally agree about the tattoo thing! I've always wanted one, but totally chickened out of getting it for 10+ years now! Your tight looks great!


  2. I've been obsessed with tattoo tights too, love them!

  3. Tattoo tights?! How flipping fun!


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