firmoo = free glasses time!

sweater/pants: h&m  |  tee:  forever21  |  shoes:  steve madden  | eyeglasses:  firmoo

firmoo contacted me recently to try out a pair of their glasses.  and if you've been following my blog and/or instagram you would see that this year i have had an influx of eyeglasses.  such a good accessory!  anyways with so many plastic frame pairs in my own collection and on everyone elses faces i decided to try something different.  WHY NOT right?  FREE.   i'd have to say that the moment these arrived, i loved them.  so kute.  maybe not with every outfit.. but kute nonetheless.  also delicate.  but i do like them alot.. plus they have the nose pads which help them stay up on my flat nose.  another plus.

another plus?? FIRST PAIR FREE for new customers, just pay shipping.  so why not give 'em a try.  they've got plenty of frames to pick from..  i was actually torn between the ones i ordered and these 'old man' glasses .   SO MANY CHOICES. now go get some.


  1. your glasses and shoes are real kyewt.

  2. Such an effortlessly cool outfit, those glasses suit you so much
    Eyewear is not my friend! hah


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