Zombie Alice sends her best from New York

Hi There. Alice Here.

I'm super excited to be doing my very first guest post here on We Wear Things. I have admired the workings of Dru and Issa for many years now. *Big Grin**Waves towards Texas* YAY!

After much thought and chatting with Issa, I figured today was most appropriate for my induction since Halloween is every makeup artist/ fashion freak's favorite holiday.

This year I was told I had to go to work as a destroyed/ evil/ bad/ down on her luck, Disney character.

It didn't take too much thought as to who I should be.

I will always be Alice. Or in this case, Zombie Alice.

What happened, you ask?

Alice looked down the rabbit hole and lost her grip. She tried to grab on to one of the random doors that flew by but hit her head instead. Ouch. "Oh my," she thought dizzily as she fell past a mirror "I hope there are bandages where I am going." But she just kept falling and bleeding. And falling... And bleeding... And then it was just black.

I'm wearing:

Black Velvet Bow headband: Forever 21
Blue Dress: H&M
Pinafore: created by repurposing a white top with lace insert and a black silk satin ribbon from M&J Trims
Knee Socks: Can't quite recall. They've been in my sock drawer, but they have similar ones at H&M.
T Strap Mary Jane Shoes: BCBG Girls

Monster Makeup Tips:

To get that zombie pallor, mix clown white (I used Make Up For Ever Blanc de Clown) with a moisturizing foundation (I used Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift), rather than going straight for the solid white or grey. Your foundation will go on much smoother, and will look like reanimated skin rather than just purely painted on.

When trying to make your features look unhealthy and sunken in, use colors that resemble bruising, rather than black or grey. It'll look more realistic. Apply your bruise colors where ever you'd normally use cover up, like your under eye circles.

Zombie Alice hopes you have a Happy Halloween. Now, where is that little white rabbit... I wonder if rabbit brains are good.
Please come by to visit me at Musings of a Candifiend on YouTube, and at Made(Up) in NY, my blog, for more Halloween fun, and my usual programming-- beauty & fashion adventures.


  1. loooooove it~ I love halloween... wish it lasted all month


  2. I love this post so much :) I always love reading your blog hh˘˘


  3. Great costume!

    xo Jennifer



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