Rock Lobster.


Shirt: H&M, Pants: American Eagle (similar), Shoes: H&M

So maybe it's not the closest up photo, but I owe Issa a long overdue update. I thought I'd throw in a little bit of background this week to show the latest addition to my garage studio lighting set- I finally got a beauty dish (do I... do I look more beautiful yet?)! I actually haven't had a chance to practice with it that much, but it'll be the start of some exciting new photos, I'd imagine.

So last week, I went to Red Lobster for the first time ever. Seriously. I had no idea what to expect really, but growing up, my family never really ate out at restaurants ever, so in my child's mind, I thought Red Lobster was a fancy restaurant. Of course, like the story of the elephant tied to a stake in the ground, when I grew up, I still associated it a little bit with "fine dining" since I had never gotten to eat there.

It wasn't until a few years ago that I remembered Red Lobster, when I saw this clip. But still, there was never an occasion really for me to rally up the troops and head over there. In my head, it would always be in some weird way some restaurant that I would never go to. But last week, on an innocuous Wednesday, a good friend invited a group of us out to Red Lobster. No special reason, or maybe special enough in that it was a group of friends sharing a meal.

I thought I would "dress up" for the occasion (not really) and I figured red shoes would be appropriate for my first meal at Red Lobster.

And so how was it? Well, the cheddar biscuits certainly lived up to/exceeded the hype (pretty much every review raved about that), but the "Ultimate Feast" was about as expected- just kinda "meh". In the end, I would probably just ask to see if I could pay for a dozen biscuits to go and eat that with some Popeye's or Frenchy's fried chicken instead. While culinarily nothing that spectacular, it was a landmark occasion for me, while it was just a regular Wednesday night with friends for everyone else.


  1. Nice shirt. Why do chain restaurants have the best bread?

  2. I've never eaten there, but that's because my diet, growing up, matched that of a practicing, devout Jew (no seafood except fish, no pork products, etc), and a restaurant with the name, "LOBSTER" in it was pretty much an automatic Bible diet law breaker.

    Sounds like I may never have to go there. Thanks for the warning. :)

    I'm sure you looked nicer than most patrons.

    Love and aloha, Mae //


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