Movin' on Up.

Shirt- Penguin; Pants- American Eagle; Shoes: Johnston & Murphy

I wore this out to celebrate Tramanh's friend Brenda's new promotion a while back. I'm always hesitant to wear white shoes out, but then again, you can't save everything forever. I forgot to post this photo a while back and everything's changed now.

It's nice to see friends move on up in careers and settle down. The late 20's and early 30's are still so full of transition that sometimes you just want time to stop when friendships are just where you want them to be so you can spend more time with people, because people will come in and out of your life so quickly. But just like how people don't stop changing, you don't either.

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  1. I like what you said about growing up and people changing. Our friends and I have become that group where everyone is with someone. Even though it's overwhelming sometimes that we are already at this point in life, it's also great to see how we've grown from those kids who partied every weekend to those who'd rather stay at home and rest at the end of the week :)



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