dem long skirts.

 both tops: American Apparel  , cream skirt: Alexa Chung for Madewell,  plaid skirt: thrifted

my face.. so awkward in these photos.  so much strain, so much concentration.  These are two of the full outfits from the post below.  it makes me sad that it's warmed up here so fast.. we barely had a fall, not even close to a winter.. i'm not ready to pack away this awesome pleated plaid wool skirt i picked up.  but even so i foresee getting some usage out of the madewell maxi.  goes with things...


  1. Who says you gotta pack them away with warm weather? I plan on maxing out my maxis (har har).


  2. i think you just found the perfect way to rock a midriff!

  3. That plaid skirt is so awesome, I'm almost angry at life that I didn't find it myself.

    Just kidding. I think.


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