holiday wishes and ideas

a few items on a if i had an unlimited budget wish list.  I mean who doesn't need a Chanel pendant necklace?

But for the 99% like me, there are plenty of affordable gift ideas out there.  I tend to peruse over to etsy for cute affordable unique gift items,  like some awesome pieces of jewelry/accessories.

 I still need to get me one of these sideways cross necklaces.

or how about gifts that help a cause like The Community Cloth based out of Houston, a non-profit where all the proceeds go out to help the refugees who are making the goods.

 Of course there's always to good 'ol Toms Shoes.  the one for one always gets me, plus the styles have started to grow on me more and more, especially this pair.

or you could put a great photo on canvas  for a friend.. Easy Canvas Prints, let me order a print to canvas to review, it was hard to decided whether to actually use a photo or one of my graphic designs, i ended up printing my Texas print.  I'd have to say i received it quickly and it's great quality!


  1. 4 items on your upper wish list are seriously in my top 10 things i've been wanting. sigh. great minds..... haha

  2. Love your wish list! A question though. I've been thinking of putting a photo on canvas, but I'm not sure how good the quality has to be in order for the canvas print to look nice. Could you provide some insight, please?

  3. @jmid - you will need a highquality photo - with dpi at least 240, usually when you upload it on a website to order it will tell you if the quality is high enough to print

  4. Hey, ONA Camera Satchel is good choice!

    Man Fashion

  5. That camera bag looks like a dream come true!

  6. I would love to havbe that camera bag, it's perfect!


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