A Little Something Different.

Ahoy, wewearthings readers! Everyone's always all, why is it just Issa who updates? Well, frankly, I've been kind of busy with photography stuff- after photographing people all day, who wants to go photograph themselves? I know, I know, long time readers know that I have made this 'scuse before, but oh well. Also, I don't have any new clothes really :(. I mean, if we go back to what, algebra, we can look at the total possible permutations for guys' clothing combinations and girls' clothing combinations, girls have a seemingly infinite amount of wardrobe combinations. Now, you may be all, well, guys can layer, but oh-ho! wewearthings is based in Houston, where it is TOO HOT all year round and makes you want to be all wewearnothings instead. So until we live in a world where guys wearing dresses and blouses and heels is super popular, Issa's fashion updates will continue to dominate.

Anyway, had a nice blogger meetup in LA last weekend with Issa where I got to meet some nice fashion bloggers (I'm sure Issa will have more to say about it than me, I'm usually all, "g-g-g-girls!" and then run away when it comes to these things). Got to meet wreckedstellar, stylewithbenefits, and hoisinivy in some fashiony area. Anyway, I think Steph (wait, did I call you Steph or Stephanie when we chatted? OMG :-o ) mentioned something about wanting to see the video I made when I turned 30. Oh yeah, during my WWT absence, I turned 30. Why I get so old? :(

So here it is:

Yes, much has changed. I also made a video for phi-style's wedding reception entrance! I'll put up some fashion stuff in a little bit (I promise, Issa! DO NOT KEEL ME). But for a change, here's something I taught myself this past weekend (with a surprise ending!).

I am probably more pleased with it than I should be allowed, but whatever, it makes me laugh and laughter is the best medicine, which is what you have to start taking daily when you get as old as me.


  1. Dru, I know what you mean about lagging on blog posts... I too have been neglecting the blog, but with good reason! I'm actually pregnant and due in a week! Eeee.

    Anyways, loved the videos, especially the birthday one! Very clever! Hope it was a happy birthday for you.


  2. if you called me stephanie, i'd slap the beard right off of you...wait...it was gone when i saw you, nevermind.

    YES! IM HAPPY you posted ze veejeeohh...it's way kewl mang.

    now i shall continue stalking you on FB. i like your pictures & comments, they make me lol.


    It's weird how much you transform with such a small mod!

    I love the new look, but the beard was kind of refined in its own way, too! Your videos rock. This is very clever. Clevar.

    And so glad you posted. Was beginning to think this was Issa's blog exclusively! More like "I wear things," rather than "we wear things." :)

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  4. i wanted the surprise at the end to be puppies.

  5. Love the piano, love it so chic!www.fashionbaggage.com

  6. thanks for mentioning that I was at the blogger meetupZ. jerk.


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