college days

so recently me and the mr., + dru and a few other friends headed up to austin, to feast on delicious food truck foods and check out my lil bro's art exhibition.  it was highly reminiscent being back in austin.. since the bulk of us went to the University of Texas..  we also decided to crash college style at our friends cousin's apt... and go to old 6th st... where we realized how old we really were.  eating way more than we drank..

anyways it seems like it's college decor season.. and although i'm now years beyond that, i can appreciate some cute home accessories for a steal.  this is always the best time to find me a good body pillow. i'm a hugger.  so here are some easy and quick tips for shopping for your college apt courtesy of marshall's/tjmaxx

  • colorful every day items, like kitchen/bathroom accessories, i ADORE these turquoise pots.
  • while matching bed sets can bring a look together i prefer the little things to really make a look.. add some accent pillows or an acrylic desk lamp and vintage looking letter/gift boxes to serve as desktop organizers. 
  • putting things on the walls - framed art, mirrors, clocks, can really make a space feel complete.
Beginning July 5 both stores will be stocked with must-haves and more for the dorm.


  1. Wow that burger looks amazing! And a pickle on top too, yumm. Love the first photo especially, It looks so warm and tropical.

  2. love ur pics, issa! wow, the burger looks delicious:)

  3. the burger looks delish. i agree, theolder you get, the less you want to go out drinking, perhaps this is a sign of maturing? nooooo

  4. you are so beautiful!!! that burger looks genius. damn my vegan ways ;) and i've never been much of a drinker.
    don't feed the models. part 2.

  5. mmm bugers... and the good ole college days...

  6. Love the first picture, the hat is cute.


  7. no, i actually love it. =) heheh Dru did a good job!!!

  8. I'm starting to feel my age, too. What! Rounding 30? UGH.

    But then I look at some 22 year olds and think, man, I would not wish that life on myself again. UGH.

    Oh well.

    I want that food, RIGHT NOW. :)

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  9. YUM and HELLO... suddenly realizing my kitchenware is extremely lacking in style :S


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