Blazer: H&M, Shirt: H&M, Pants: Barney's Co-op, Bowtie: Pappadeaux

I wore this to a wedding a month or two ago. The end of spring in Houston generally gets pretty hot, and summer you have to wear sunblock indoors because it is THAT HOT. Or something.

Anyway, this blazer looks kinda grey in this photo, but it's really black linen reflecting the light weird so it wasn't that ridiculously mismatched.

I wore the bowtie out in Austin later and I was complimented several times (by dudes- why is it never girls?) on the bowtie. One asked, where did you get it from? I actually worked as a waiter at Pappadeaux seafood restaurant some eight years ago in Houston and the bowtie was part of the uniform. Of course, I just said, "Oh, some place in Houston, you know."

Also, everyone should work as a waiter/waitress/in the food service industry at least once in their life. Just so you know what it feels like. I've been on business trips with managers who were embarrassing to eat out with because they were rude to waiters. I hate when people think eating/going out means they're entitled to be a douche.


  1. love the bowtie, cool look
    always been a huge fan, wondering if we can link exchange?



  2. lovesss the red bow tie!


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