First off, apologies to the fine folks at T-post for this long overdue post. They sent me their wonderful t-shirt a little while back and I have been bogged down with projects so I haven't had time to put in the word. T-post is the first wearable magazine (go check out their website) with an aim to just stimulate regular ol' conversation again (fast becoming a lost art these days, it seems), and they sent me this nice t-shirt in the mail.

First off, kudos to the packaging. Anything different from the norm is a nice touch.

Just like a newspaper.

Website cards to share around.

Each issue features an article meant to stimulate some conversation and is written on the inside back of the shirt, and then the story gets interpreted into a t-shirt graphic on the front.

This was the issue I was sent.

Overall, it's a very light, high quality fabric t-shirt that is nice and stretchy, comfortable enough to just lounge about in.

And if you want, you can always flip the shirt inside out and have the article in question on the back of your shirt as a conversation starter.

In any case, I hope all you WWT readers start off the weekend seizing the day yourselves!


  1. that is soo cool!
    i love that idea

  2. I absolutely love t-shirts. Its apart of what I call "the uniform." These people should send me over a t or 2. ; P

    well after this, I should think nothing of falling down stairs

  3. I love quirky things like this. Can't wait to see you wear it!

    And your hair looks amazing in the last post!

    Live Love LA

  4. That's a very cool tee!

  5. packaging is adorable!

  6. I got sent one of these shirts recently as well and they are just so cool! I kinda want to subscribe now haha.

  7. Hey love! So glad you can come to my party- can't wait to see your photo- just send it to!! This is a really unique idea- putting together expressive words with how we express ourselves every day in our clothes! Can't wait to see how you style it! xo, Mel


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