doctor, doctor.

unless you've been living under a rock.. or um.. not following fashion blogs, then you'd know how lace up boots are a must have item, and
Dr. Martens shoes have been making a serious comeback lately, especially in the high fashion realm. They could be seen pounding the runway of the Jean Paul Gaultier show,all over lookbooks for Yohji Yamamoto, Karl Lagerfeld and Herm├ęs, and in high gloss in mags like Vogue and Wallpaper*

i would just love a pair of the vintage lace-ups for myself (size 5.5).. speaking of which, has a wide selection..

AND they're currently running a Doc contest, giving away a free pair of docs. and you can't beat free.



  1. The first pair of shoes i bought will allowance money were a pair of maryjane doc martens. I threw them out because they just looked out of style over the years, but now i wish i would have kept them! I was like 12 and loved them!

  2. I like laceups but not Docs! Reminds me of my slobby punk rock neighbor, or a couple of my exes!

  3. I wanted the Chloe Docs with the huge wedge heel a few seasons ago but they refused to fit my feet, darnit.

  4. I think doc lace ups would be perfect with something super feminine. The two are so diffent that it totally works!

    Xoxo!!! :)

    p.s. your feet are so petite :) lucky woman.

  5. Totally in love with the Martens! I want a pair with flowers ;)

  6. So many boots! Shoes and boots are definitely my weakness haha.xx

  7. I see Doc Martens more often now, but mostly among the younger crowd. I'm still in search for the perfect pair of boots.


  8. ahhh-mazing pictures. you look so gorgeous. and those ears are awesome :)


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