Chauvinist Pig.

Hello, WWT readers! I am back from a temporary hiatus. Man, I haven't been on here in a long time, huh? Issa, the frightening dictator of WWT, has demanded that I post some pictures or face some sort of internet exile from the blog. She even sat in a large leather chair stroking Renji in her lap as she delivered the mandate in Louboutins. Well, not to worry, I am back with a slightly updated wardrobe.

What have I been doing since I met up Issa and Jeannie in Japan way back when? Well, many things- trying to up my ante in the photography realm as you saw through the collaborative photoshoot with Issa and Tramanh of phi-style. There's another photo project that'll be showing up on phi-style in the near future that I am quite pleased with, so check back with her page and leave her some comments. Of course my own shots will be the same blah since I can't quite shoot myself properly. It'd be like asking a brain surgeon to perform surgery on himself.

T-shirt: Some store in Japan; Shorts: Zara; Shoes: Penguin

Check out this awesome t-shirt I picked up in Japan. It's a pig! Everyone loves tonkatsu, right? Right. When I wear it, though, it becomes a chauvinist pig.

Look, there is even a pig's tail on the back. So much cute and not to be confused with a pigtail.

Anyway, Issa got to post pics from her trip to Japan, so I figured it is only fair that I get to share some of my favorite shots from the trip (albeit a few months late). Click on the image to get a larger version:

View of towntown Tokyo from the Mori Building

Kegon Falls in Nikko

Entrance leading to a shogun's tomb

Yoyogi Park at night

Cleansing fountain outside the Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa

Samurai Statue near the Imperial Palace

Grounds outside the Tokyo Metropolitan Building

Entertainer outside Yoyogi Park

Another cleansing fountain outside the Meiji Jingu Temple


  1. wow - you've got a strong vacation face going on there...

  2. Issa is a communist dictators that rules wwt with an iron fist and enforces the fashion police of this nation giving death penalty to those badly dressed. what a bitch.
    nice pics.
    JK issa, you know I <3 u

  3. haha the perfect title for the outfit!

  4. <3 your japan pics. they're great!
    and i guess i'm tony the tiger.

  5. Cool! I love to visit Japan, they have one of the best street fashions I've seen. xxoxxoxo

  6. welcome back!

    i love japan so much!
    that's shirt is so cuteee!

  7. Adorable shirt -- especially the tail!

  8. hi dru! its been awhile! good pics from japan! and your shirt is very cute!

  9. I LOVE and am a HUGE fan of your blog! Hope you can take the time to check out my site!

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  10. Nice pictures. I love that pig shirt and that there's even a tail in the back.

  11. you are so lucky, I haven't been to Japan in years!

    that shirt IS cute!

  12. love a good holiday!!

  13. Oh my word, these are breathtaking, and I love the use of color and shadow. Seriously, you didn't up the ante, you bet the whole hand. Oh no, did I really just make a poker joke?....

  14. Great shirt! So cute!!
    ps. I added you to my blog roll! Love your outfits!!

  15. Love the pig tee! And those photos are gorgeous!

  16. wow andrew!! those japan pictures are amazing!! i am astounded by your photography skills. bravo!

  17. that is the cutest shirt! and really great shots!


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