Home body.

T-shirt: Hanes, Shorts: Zara

Outside of attire for general public viewing, I’m almost like a comic or cartoon character when it comes to fashion in the home. I’ll wear the same shorts, the same t-shirts. Pretty much what’s most comfortable, the most plain, the most easily washable. The repetition is almost laughable, like those episodes of the Simpsons where they complain like they feel like they’ve been wearing the same clothes forever. I pretty much wore something like this outfit every day as I was moving from the apartment to the new place.

I actually have a few updates written up that I haven’t had time to post. So life has been pretty busy as of late- I recently moved in to Tramanh & her boyfriend’s fancy place, so it is like blogger merging worlds. And then Erica sometimes comes by to hang out and so do Issa and Roz. Most of the time, I feel like typical fashion bloggers are like two martial arts masters- two tigers cannot live on one mountain. It’s not that often you see fashion blogger crossovers. But here in Houston, we’ve got this conglomeration of friendly fashionistas all up to assorted shenanigans and tomfoolery. I guess it helps that we all knew each other somewhat before fashion blogging. Maybe we will have a group photo shoot one day once I can save up a couple hundred bucks and set up my photo studio. And maybe then I can eventually convince them to go with my vision of the next evolution of the blog....

Rather than dress up, we dress down.

And then we call it webarethings.

I’m pretty sure that will be a hit.

Anyway, apparently people have contests on these things. I was talking to Issa about this and I was thinking of running one too for all you loyal readers. Basically all single ladies send in their phone numbers and a picture (preferably of, you know, themselves) and I will “randomly” draw a phone number and the winner gets… my phone number! Isn’t that great? No? :( What’s that, Issa? You say I’m not allowed to blog here anymo-


  1. I know what you mean about wearing the same comfy clothes over and over again, I would if I could, but being an art student means my clothes would be DIRTY! Haha... hope you're enjoying the new digs!


  2. Haha maybe you can try that contest on your own blog Dru, I'm sure someone's tried it already.

  3. thanks for your comment =)

    i feel a little better =)

  4. fantastic picture. just lazy. and messy. like it

  5. i totally agree to webarethings.com i would be one of the best bloggers!

  6. webarethings...

    Sounds like, a bad porn site?
    But that's ok Dru, I'll still read you.

    Surely because I like bad porn....?

    Shit, this comment ends here.

  7. Weeee. Cool shot!! I love it!! :)

  8. WOW! What a fantastic photo!

    xoxo: Janet

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. We bare things, lol! That's so cute :)

    xoxo mavi

  11. Hahaha I seriously love your posts!! We Bare Things sounds good =]

    La C.

  12. AWWWW u guys are all friends. i love phi style :):)

  13. I completely understand just wearing the same things over and over at home, it's just too convenient and comfy. x

  14. haha I know what you mean. Everytime I get back to my room I stick on Pj pants and crawl into my blanket to work. It's like, who cares about fashion when sweats are sooo comfy?

  15. LOL "webarethings". would it be NSFW?

    and how cool you guys all know each other. u can spend days just taking pics of each other's outfits! ;)

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