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So first of all, I have to apologize for not commenting back in that last post. Stuff happened between now and the last post and I just didn't have time to respond back to all the nice comments. I feel like Jerky McJerkerton from Jerktown, USA. But girls like that, right? The cold, distant guy who’s rough around the edges... man, just thinking about it makes me want to ask myself for my number if only I weren’t so shy.

So... I mean, when I first obsessively refreshed the screen reading everyone's comments in that last post, I thought, should I reply back now? Too soon? Maybe I should wait three days- I don't want them to think I sound desperate or anything. Or is seven the new three? But I get n-n-n-nervous around g-g-girls, and then now it's like, weeks later and if I commented back now I'd feel kind of dumb.

But for all you nice people who took time out of your day to comment, don't feel like your comments were left in vain. Some posts, I will print out all the comments and clutch them to my chest as I lie in bed at night, with a single tear rolling down my cheek and onto my chiseled abs. That didn’t even make any sense, but the point is, I don't want you to think I'm just some guy who comments every now and again and leaves just like that without you ever hearing from me again- I am looking for a serious monogamous commenting relationship here.

So all BSing aside, sorry bout that. I do read everyone's comments though. And then I will look at their page and then kind of stare off into space and daydream. Afterwards, I eat some chips.


While Issa’s post on the benefits of being a packrat are applicable to girls, sadly enough it doesn’t work that way for guys. I filled up a garbage bag full of clothes for donation a month back of all the stuff I hadn’t worn in at least a year since my closet real estate was starting to hit maximum capacity, and while some outfits dated back to simpler days, they were nowhere even close to coming back into style. The only thing that remains relatively in style in the world of men’s fashion is a good blazer or suit. Once men’s clothes go out of style, they generally don’t come back in style from what I’ve seen. The next day I had the following conversation with Tramanh:

Me: it was like that scene in SATC the movie
Me: except I was alone in my room
Me: :(
Tramanh: and not trying on random clothes while your friends sat on your bed and clapped?
Me: no, no, nothing of the sort
Me: I tried on my old pair of size 30 pants and stared sadly at the muffin top that formed

Sweater: Banana Republic, Jacket: Banana Republic, Jeans: BDG, Shoes: Johnston & Murphy

So here we have a half-decade old Banana Republic cashmere sweater. It’s simple and conservative. It’s not stylish, but not un-stylish, which is like clothes limbo. Nothing striking, yet a look that I feel like could show up in a fall catalog for any year. I still pull it out every year during the winter time because it’s comfortable and one of the only cashmere things I own. If anything, men’s fashion diversity may be limited, but I feel like with the right articles of clothing, it’s much more lasting than the fickle nature of women’s fashion.

T-shirt: wearscience

Sorry for the cruddy shot. I set up the shoot and inbetween changing clothes, the Roommate came back to the apartment. He was like, “Oh, were you just shooting for WWT?” and I was like, “Wut. I was just, you know, moving the dining room table over so I could vacuum.” We had a party on Sunday and it was technically true- I pulled out the vacuum and proceeded to suck up some chips that were crushed in the carpet.

So while the basis of my fashion wardrobe consists of more conservative clothing like the first outfit pictured above, a substantial portion consists of random t-shirts, much like this Science! T-shirt I had asked my LilBro to get me for my last birthday. American Apparel seems to be the popular t-shirt medium of choice these days, and I’m not one to complain. If I can combine hipster apparel with my love of science, there is hope for the world yet. Plus there is a robot in there. How can you not like robots?


  1. haha! funny comment about those certain "rough around the edges" guys... true, some girls like them, but what kind of girls are those? they must be the equivellent of men who like femmes fatales, torturing them till the end!! i prefer fun, normal guys who like dressing up in tees and jeans (there can only be one diva in the house:))

    i like all WWT posts, but man, yours are so special because.. u r a man! always a mystery to us how u guys like to dress. So i am keeping notes: 1) they like robots.


  2. it's ok, you don't have to comment we'll still come, second photo is more my style, meaning i don't have one.

  3. Hahaha that has to be the best into to a blog post I have EVER read!! And I am loving that wearscience t-shirt.

  4. Loving your blog :)
    Especially the last post - that pattern is amazing!
    I've nominated you guys for an award, though I'm sure you've gotten whole bucketloads of them already ;D

  5. All is forgiven. This post totally made up for the blogging absence. :)

  6. You are too funny D. No worries! And nice looks here too!


  7. You don't have to apologize, just do it when you can that's what I do. :)

  8. all i gotta say is L.O.L. u seriously crack me up.

  9. "And then I will look at their page and then kind of stare off into space and daydream. Afterwards, I eat some chips." -- I always giggle when I read your posts, but now I'm LMAO trying to imagine your clueless look staring off into space. then eating chips.
    UGGH. muffin top pants are physically & emotionally painful. hide them in the back of your closet!

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