Thanksgiving Weekend.

Thanks for all the comments on the last post, y'all. I had originally wanted the title for that post of our pet project as "Project Chicks", but Issa posted instead :(

Anyway, it's been a while since I've updated on any of my blogs and I've been busy with a few photography gigs of my own, so I thought I'd drop an update on what I wore over Thanksgiving weekend:


Shirt: Bloomingdale's, Jeans: BDG, Shoes: Johnston & Murphy

I went to hang out with an old friend in town from Iraq on Wednesday and threw this on before meeting up. This photo combines elements of things I love. Photography (the photo itself). Peanuts (Schroeder). Piano. Soft shirts. You’ll have to trust me on that last one. If I could somehow fit Domo Kun into this picture, it’d be perfect.


Shirt: Urban Outfitters, Jeans: BDG, Shoes: Kenneth Cole

This year was unseasonably warm (well, maybe not unseasonably- it IS Texas after all) so rather than awesome long sleeve shirts, I had to go for something less sweat inducing. I had just picked up this shirt from Urban Outfitters the day before on sale for $9.99 and figured it would be appropriate. There’s just something about argyle print that is reminiscent of the holidays. The short sleeve version was perfect for watching the city’s outdoor tree lighting ceremony and fireworks show just outside my apartment complex.


Shirt: 7 Diamonds, Tie: John Ashford, Blazer: Forever XXI, Slacks: Pazoni, Shoes: Johnston & Murphy

I had a friend from college’s wedding to go to. During the wedding ceremony, I stuck with my traditional suit, but for the reception, I threw on my Forever XXI corduroy blazer for a bit more night time pizazz. Unfortunately, the thing doesn’t quite photograph well and the color’s a bit off in the picture, but it was pretty cool. Trust me on this.


Shirt: Threadless, Jacket: Forever XXI, Jeans: BDG, Shoes: Kenneth Cole

A cold front poured in from the night before so for dim sum on Sunday, I threw on my Forever XXI jacket over a Threadless shirt. It's one o' them military-type jackets with the little shoulder epaulettes. Betcha didn't think I knew what those things were called.

In case you were wondering, like the table of friends I said hi to did during dim sum, the shirt has a bear in cognito as a bee asking a bee where the honey’s at. As I am nearing thirty and still single, I, too, often ask myself that question. Where tha hunnies at, indeed.


  1. great work with the last post.
    i like the first shirt the most though I'm debating which one is cooler,my vote goes to the last one.

  2. I love all your outfits! =) What camera do you use? Your pictures come out so amazingly!

  3. I adore your post baby, ah dim sum and a hard hitting question haha I love it.


  4. The cutting of the blazer is beyond amazing!

  5. hej! Thanks for the comment ^^

    And I loveeeeeeee your last post <345
    The masks are amazing and so are your clothes.. really stunning and a big inspiration :)


  6. I like the look for Saturday the best. Great post.

  7. Hey cool, a Snoopy shirt. You're the only guy I've ever seen on who a pink shirt looks good. Everywhere I read about how warm it is in the south of the States.. And it's freezing here. Just the thought of short sleeves makes me shiver.
    I do trust you on your corduroy blazer being cool. I like corduroy.
    Ha, I like the print of that bear t-shirt. Indeed when I was looking at the first picture I thought I was gonna ask you what the print was, and then I saw the second pic ^^

  8. maybe advertising yourself as a PLAYA is what is keepin da hunniez away! ZING*

  9. You are ridiculously chic! Like seriously, it's astounding.

  10. i love that first tee.

    you're always dressed so impeccably. more boys should try to actually look nice! :)

    La C.

  11. loving all the outfits! i didnt know xxi had such amazing guy jackets/blazers. love the shoes on all the posts too! where is the funny 2 paragraph rant of this entry? lol!

  12. well dressed down to your feet!
    head to toe...what head??? lol*

  13. You've got such great style! Everything looks so good together x

  14. Love the first and the last one, they are so cute and put smile on my face )

  15. I'm going to get you new shoes. Not black or brown - what do ya think?

    and to think.. I started you on fashion! =)

  16. Dru, you always look sharp, and you have a great collection of t-shirts!

  17. fantastic work on the last post mister,
    and great outfits.

  18. Nice, D! Especially loving the argyle sweater!


  19. I love the jackets Dru.. your argylle sweater is gorgeous too... but the bee/bear tee is my favorite!

    You guys did so well in the photoshoot!!

  20. How fun, styling a boy! :)

    Thank you, Issa ♥ --glad you liked reading my interview. Hoping all is well :)

    xx love.....

  21. great style Dru! love saturdays blazer.

  22. That F21 blazer looks amazing - very fitting for a wedding reception!

  23. Dru!!!
    I love your suit. What kind of camera do you use?

  24. Wow, I love all the links ... and this John Ashford Blazer is SHARP.


  25. The saturday blazer looks amazing, and I'm loving that snoopy t-shirt lol.

  26. hey Dru, I am posting a question to you in my post today-hope you don't mind

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