What's cooler than being cool?

Coat: Banana Republic, Gloves: Roundtree & Yorke, Wool Slacks: Pazoni by Nordstrom

Houston had another cold front hit town last week and you know what's the best thing about cold weather? No, it's not huddling under a pile of blankets by yourself weeping yourself silently to sleep (though I must admit, it's a close second). It's the ability to wear coats!

There is nothing that says "You have no idea what my body looks like underneath this" better than a full on coat. It makes heavier people look like they're pounds lighter and just wearing layers and stick people look normal. It's the great equalizer. Plus, your wardrobe is doubled by the addition of winter clothing (or you can be gross and just wear the same clothes underneath and no one would notice).

This here is my favorite piece of outerwear- an Italian wool/cashmere coat from Banana Republic I picked up last year on sale for a bargain half price in anticipation of flying to Chicago for work in the dead of winter. It's plenty warm without being too heavy and it’s slim fit, so I feel like it adds the illusion of inches to my height. In fact, it adds inches much better than any email you receive for v1Tagra or c1aL1s and does not require my bank account numbers either. I've worn this when wind chill was below zero and it's kept the cold out.

The only downside with winter clothing is its limited use- you can only wear it for maybe a month out of the year if you're lucky. Sometimes I do this thing where I try to maximize the use of outfits. I've worn my coat at least 20 times last year, so that makes each time I wore it like "renting" it for $5. The more I wear it, the less the "rental" cost is. My undergarments, man, I wear those things until the "rental" cost is like $0. So gross.

I also threw in a briefcase because this is what I look like going to work. People joke and think I must make a killing (by KILLING) but in actuality, inside the briefcase are a few decks of Magic:The Gathering, some Handi-Snacks, and some comic books. I'm actually a child!

Oh yeah, if you haven't already, don't forget to vote today! Don't make me come after you with my briefcase. So scary.


  1. i so know what you mean when you say "You have no idea what my body looks like underneath this"
    I could never pull off that though.

  2. *ice cold*

    It was there.

    I had to.

    I hope you forgive me

  3. hahaha... i think the all black does make you look like you make a killing from killing. but, i love the coat. i feel i have to say that or else you will murder me? haha. jk. i do really love the coat. =)

  4. hey, man!!! That's a really *killer* look. How sharp. :)

  5. Great coat, and fantastic look overall. I love the briefcase particularly!
    The only thing I disagree with is the amount of use one can get out of a winter coat - considering here in Toronto it's more like an unfortunate 7 months of use, meaning I get very, very sick of it by the end :P

  6. I love cold weather. I always go for a boho look in winter. I feel that a boho look just isn't really possible in summer. A boho look NEEDS tights, furs and maybe boots.
    Your look on the picture is the opposite of boho - but I love it too. Very very cool.
    LOL the thing about the rental cost is very funny ^^

  7. the fisticuff says "i'm gunna keeeel j00" to me.

  8. i have been finding a lot of cute things at banana republic.

  9. love the outfit dru!

  10. the dudes at bananas republic are makin very interestin stuffs !! lovin this !!

  11. One of the best feelings in the world is the first day of fall/winter when it's actually really cold and you get to wear your coat for the first time... :p

  12. I believe the answer is being uber cool!!! lol

    The jacket is awesome and i have the exact same thoughts when i wear my clothes also. Can anything go the negatives? Because i'm certain some of my clothes run into the minuses sadly :( Ewwwww

  13. been following your blog for a while now and love it! glad to see more of drew too - inspiration for the hubs!

  14. NICE!
    I like your posting Dru and btw I make my hubby read your post as well.

    for Issa---
    I initially going for the dress #5 mixed with dress #6. The top part of the dress #5 and the ridges on the middle part mixed with the bottom/skirt of the dress #6.
    I was first inlove with dress #3 but I thought it was too simple and that how I came up with mixing 2 dresses BUT-but! I think, simple & elegant is what I should go for--

  15. Danger sign should be attached on the coat...lol ;)
    YES to vote & HOPE!!!

  16. Ok! I'll let you know about the boho ^^

  17. i love coats like that

    men in coats

    yum : )


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