solestrucked and tagged!

silk top: petite sophisticate (ya rly), jeans: loveculture, shoes:

the other day i received the most awesome pair of shoes from the fantastic danielle of after perusing the site and seeing tons of fantastic shoes i saw these and thought i had to have them.. and once i opened the box and put them on.. i didn't want to take them off.. ever. instant love. i found them to be surprisingly comfortable for 4 inch platforms.. and very versitile! i'm certain they'll be in many posts to come! thanks solestruck!!

and we were tagged a few days ago by the super sweet ooh pretty...

4 things I did today:
- got ready for work and actually wore the first outfit i put on (it sometimes takes 3 tries)
- uploaded some photos for a later WWT post
- chatted with a coworker about more of sarah palin's gaffes
- drank a cup of tea with cream

4 things on my to do list: (in the immediate future)
- start my serious marathon training
- figure out what to put on that empty wall in my living room
- find a good pair of black skinnies
- think of a good craft project for christmas

4 guiltiest pleasures:
- fashion blogs of course!! you guys are all so fantastic!
- anime and korean dramas... seriously... i love to cosplay... does that make me extra geeky?
- foodie alert! sometimes i can be quite the food snob but hey at least i'm able to enjoy foie gras to pork rinds...
- home decor/craft shows.. i absolutely love going to craft shows.. and buying things for the house.. especially seasonal items.. but most of all christmas.. i love the holiday season! i could literally listen to christmas music year round.

4 random facts about me:
- I play the viola, the piano, and the guitar(self taught)
- 2 years ago i could barely run a mile.. and this past january i ran my first 1/2 marathon and am doing it again next january.. i guess i enjoy the pain.
- Like ooh pretty I sound young, and also look young.. as you can tell.. my coworkers always make fun of me for being child labor... it's quite sad. but i know one day i'll appreciate it.
- my friends like to call me martha.. because i love to decorate, host things, cook (i'd like to think i make some awesome cupcakes), and craft... i think it's quite the compliment

I tag these 4 bloggers:
Marta at with love...
Unwise Pedestrian
i am ashleigh



  1. It's great to buy something online and they fit perfectly isn't it? Good for you. They look great on you too.

    Congrats on getting tagged. :)

  2. Im gushing over your NYC photos!! They are lovely!!!!!!!

  3. Love the shoes.
    Love NYC.
    Love the whole thing.
    LUCKY girl! :)

    Thanks for the comments.

    xo/ fashion chalet

  4. these shoes look so wonderful especially on your outfit!
    your are a beautiful girl ;)


  5. andrew told me about these shoes....and tried to tempt me into making my own fashion blog. i don't think i have the dedication/patience that you have to keep up with one though! the shoes are super cut though...anything w/ heels 4in+ are good in my book.

  6. ...i agree, comfort is a important issue,
    comfort+great is really good! Hope to hear fm you again dear...Looking good there as usual!

  7. Lovely outfit and thaks for your comment ! :))

  8. great shoes. I always love the pics you take by that gorgeous bed. Loved hearing more about you!Most surprised by the music- that is really cool!

  9. you run 1/2 marathons? bravo. i'm where you were two years ago, so you've given me hope!

  10. great outfit !
    you are so beautiful !!!

  11. It's good to know I'm not the only one out there with a young sounding voice. I swear I get bad customer service on the phone sometimes because they think they're speaking with a teenager!

    And looking young is always a good thing!

  12. love the shoes.
    soo hot
    and kinda feel like a cupcake now

    let's link up

  13. thanks shmoops!! Will answer this posthaste
    hot new shoes, wish I lived in the states to solestruck would too send me free shoes
    am running dangerously low on new shoes this month!! (only 5)

  14. wow!! those shoes are amazing and youv'e got great style and a superb blog

  15. the outfit is so clean but so chic.I love every single piece.

  16. This blouse it's just cute!!!!I want it!!!^^

  17. THANKS! ♥

    It's like, could it get any hotter? ACK. I want cold weather.... anyway, take me with you to NYC next time. ;)

    xo/ fashion chalet

  18. Those shoes are so totally cute.

    I'm really impressed with your cupcake making skills, they look simply perfect.

  19. So feminine, I love the blouse!!

  20. love the outfit! adn those shoes are so great, i have to check them out. xo

  21. I wish people would give me free shoes!

    I love your shirt!

  22. can i just say how much i love your bed frame! and i play the viola and piano, too.

  23. I'm in love with those shoes.
    You look great, and it's so nice to know more about you.
    Those cupcakes are looking at me... seem delicious ;)

    I gave you the “I ♥ your blog” award.
    Please check my blog.

  24. cuuuute shoes!
    nina's right, your bed frame is quite pretty :)

  25. Very cute shoes. I like your top too.

  26. Killer shoes....and what a win that they're comfortable too!

  27. ahh you tagged me! thanks so much dear. i can't wait to do this !! will get onto it first thing tomorrow after work. thanks thanks!

    and i think you do basic much better than me ! i love that look your rocking. those jeans look like they fit like a dream and such a great color!

    great shoes!

  28. You look so classy here. Love that top and those shoes.

    I think its the best thing that you like to bake and decorate! How sweet. I love it too.

  29. Very lovely your photos of NY.I hope to go there in the next future.Kisses

  30. Is that in the hotel? What a great bed! And love your outfit!I find platforms are always more comfortable than "normal" heels.
    LOL sometimes it takes a 1000 tries for me to find the right outfit to wear for school.
    Wow, you'll participate in a marathon? I admire you. I'd be dead after hlaf a kilometre.
    Hehe fashion blogs are also one of my guilty pleasures... ^^
    And anime and Korean dramas are cool!
    You play the viola??? ME TOO!
    Those cupcakes... did you make them? They look d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s.!

  31. ruffles ... you look fantastic ))) BTW, a great bed )))

  32. running uh.... gal pal is trying to get me to run too but a mile or 2 for me is perfectly fine.

  33. darling,i love reading all this about you! looking young is a blessing dear,you wont be needing anti-ageing products dear! also those cupcakes are yummy!! i have a craving now ;o)
    You look lovely in the outfit images,the top is adorable! The Solestruck shoes are fab too.

  34. Free fab shoes + cupcakes = Love!


  35. Very cute shoes! Random I know but I love your bed ;) Good luck with marathon training- sounds very intense!

  36. i adore your shirt, and your shoes and the perfectly fitted jeans. you look so collected.

  37. Ah salivating ontop of your keypads is a bad thing but hard to not when you're faced with such a scrumptious assortment of cupcakes.

    The shoes are very gorge and the outfit is too. I'll also be revisiting my previous thoughts surrounding grey shoes too :P

    Congrats on the training, seems we though very much alike. Currently training for a marathon during the summer ;)

  38. where will I start??
    I just love everything.

  39. Yummy -- the shoes and the cupcakes! They do look just perfect. It's crazy how super tall heels can be super comfortable sometimes.

  40. It's your bedroom? Great bedroom you have!!

  41. your silk top is amazing!so sweet and classy

  42. I love your top. And your musical talent is amazing.. three instruments! That's awesome!

  43. Indeed - full loving with the shoes - you look great as always!

    the cupcakes - i'm dreaming of them!

  44. Gorgeous girl!
    Your shoes are heaven... <3


  45. I like your top very much! :)

    So funny flashmob play xD

  46. Those shoes are awesome!
    Cath and I sound and look young as well. Yesterday a bunch of highschoolers hit on us- ugh. I'd guess the age gap is about 7-10 years there ;)

  47. Go strings! I play the cello! But I also want to learn how to play the piano and guitar. I love your shoes!

  48. those shoes are lovely! and they do look comfortable.

  49. You look incredible, as always. And the photos from NYC are beautiful! Wow - marathon training! Impressive! I'm teaching myself to play the guitar at the moment and I'm loving everything except the pain in my fingers haha

  50. lol, thankyou. I'm very fond of that outcome also. New post from you guys please :D :P

  51. Sweetie, you look so cute in this outfit! And I desperately need to find a good pair of black skinnies too.

  52. the cupcakes really look yummy ^_^

    and btw, everything in your guiltiest pleasures are same as mine. hehe. just wanna share.

    cool shoes too!:D

  53. You look great! Love everything about the outfit!

  54. I want one of those cupcakes.
    Love the new blog banner up top! =)

    xo/ fashion chalet


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