yes, i'm still alive...

...and yes, i have a face! lol. i'm sorry, i've been a very absent editor of this blog; the last couple of weeks have been a little busy. i spent a good part of last week stressing over a presentation i had to give in my saturday grad school class, and i was feeling under the weather to boot. my outfits last week consisted of whatever i was able to muster together in my sad state, hence no outfit posts from me. but, just to show that i'm still around, here is a picture that was taken last friday. i know, you can't see what i'm wearing in the picture, and i do apologize for the slight stink face... it was the evening before my presentation and i was hungry! saturday, i was present for jeannie's birthday festivities, and i'm sure there's some not-so-flattering pictures of me from that night floating around somewhere (i had a great time, but saturday was a long day for me and i was just ragged towards the end of the night). i'm slowly getting myself back on track and should hopefully have some more worthwhile posts to contribute in the near future.

- roz

top, uo from a few years ago.


  1. you're ridiculously hot no matter what you wear... ms. eva longoria :)

  2. such a pretty pic... you look wonderful in it :)

  3. This blog is great ! I'm especially loving issa's outfits ^^


  4. Thank u for ur comment and ur kindness ! Let's exchange links !

    See u !

  5. Yes, you have a face and it's pretty!


  6. I like that top. It is a lovely colour.

  7. a very pretty face, at that :)
    thanks for the comment, i miss old britney..


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