wheel in the sky...

tank, aa. jeans, gap. fedora, sandals & all other accessories, uo.

this past saturday, i went to see journey in concert. make fun if you must, though i wouldn’t doubt that many of you, even if you weren’t familiar with the band per se, would find yourselves singing along if you heard any of their songs.

dressing for an outdoor summer concert/music festival poses somewhat of a challenge. you have to come prepared to sweat, yet you'd still like to look somewhat cute and stylish while perspiration is seeping from every pore on your body.
WWWD and chictopia had some great posts on how to dress for summer music festivals.

this is what i wore. i’d probably rethink the jeans next time (i was planning to wear shorts, but changed my mind at last minute for some reason that has now eluded me). again, the fedora makes an appearance, though more for the purpose of shielding my head from the sun than anything else. overall, i was relatively comfortable in the 90+ degree, 100% humidity weather we had that day.

oh, and the concert was pretty awesome, btw.

as a bonus for our lovely readers, here is a picture of me and the fiancĂ©, making his first WWT appearance. (he’s wearing a vintage tee and gap cargo shorts, if anyone is interested. ;) )

- roz


  1. I love Journey! :)
    You're on chictopia? You should add me!

  2. hey poops! how was the concert?
    i love chictopia (although i'm still trying to figure it all out).

  3. It looks such a fun day! You two are so sweet together! I love your hat and the red bag! The colour is so great xxxxxxx

  4. Ohhh it looked like so much fun. It looks like there were so many people there in the background.

    P.S. Thank you so much for your amazing comments.

  5. Soudns like a fun time. I would love to see Journey just to check out Arnel!

  6. I love casual and this is very cute. ^_^

  7. i'd love to go to an outdoor concert! I tried to get tickets for coachella, but none of the locations were really close enough for me to go.

  8. yay for the handsome fiance making his first appearance! also, love anything straw paired with red. care to trade links?

  9. You are such a lovely couple. You both look effortlessly cool and chic, and you actually have the BIGGEST summer festival accessory in hand - a bottle of water.

  10. sorry i'm a little late with this, but thank you all for the sweet comments! we had a great time...one of the funnest concerts i've been to in a while.

    @adiel - it's good to know i'm not alone in the ranks of journey fans under 30. i'm not actually on chictopia...just another chictopia stalker. =P

    @pearl - arnel is an incredible performer. he definitely did not disappoint.

    @ida - yes, water is a must at any outdoor concert! gotta stay hydrated, right? although, i did make the switch to beer at some point. =/

    <3 roz

  11. HAHAHAHA how is that a vintage tee


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