vacation wear.

skirt: bebe, tunic: f21, gladiators: h&m, scarf: ross

i wore this outfit while on holiday in croatia recently.. and decided to bring that feel of vacation wear back to home... unfortunately i wasn't walking along the coast of the adriatic, but down the hallways between office walls and the hot sidewalk to the mailbox.



  1. I love bringing holidays home with me... I esp like to recreate meals Ive had whilst away, I should stick with outfits Im much better at them than cooking... xf

  2. I love a lightweight scarf for the chic...where haven't you gone this year, btw?

  3. cute cute shoes and skirt!! thank you for always commenting such lovely things. xx

  4. awww thanks so much for your comments!

    @kat: i still need to travel asia and hit a few more places in europe! lol

  5. Okay, time for me to break out the scarves again!

  6. Love the shoes.
    and btw. LOVE ROSS. ha ha


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