the gray tee, take two

gray tee, calvin klein, $15 on sale. trouser jeans, gap.
cord blazer, ae from five years ago. sandals, uo. bag, h&m

i suppose an introduction is only appropriate. this is roz, the "less-than-regular" editor of this blog. while i do enjoy fashion and perusing through the many fashion blogs out there, i hardly consider myself a fashionista and i definitely would have never attempted to start a fashion blog on my own.

the inspiration behind this blog is the idea that two people can take the same item of clothing and assemble two completely different looks around that item. i've known issa for many years now and have long admired her fashion sense, but our personal styles are decidedly different and i could never pull certain outfits the way she can.

case in point: my take on the gray tee, first seen in issa's previous post. she has taken the basic gray tee and paired it with a black skirt and this season's gladiator wedge for a not-so-basic look that's feminine with just a hint of sexiness and edge.

the outfit above is what i wore today for the typical sunday routine of church and errands. as you can see, my style is definitely a lot more casual. here, i've opted to pair the basic gray tee with a wide leg jean and a lightweight cord blazer for a look that's more classic and comfy. i know, i know. not the most groundbreaking or fashion forward, but this further illustrates the utility of "the perfect tee" as the foundation for a wide range of outfits and looks.

sorry about the quality of the photos. i was in a rush as we were running late for church. i need to get my hands on either a tripod or a willing assistant to take outfit pics so i don't have to subject you all to constant mirror shots.



  1. *AHEM* I think you know who to ask who has BOTH those.

  2. nice try, dru, but your camera DOES NOT like me. =(

  3. omg ive been looking for knockoff's of the 9west heeches forever! thanks for the tip! i've never bought wet weal shoes before. how's the quality? how comfortable are they?

  4. @layla: they're pvc leather, but pretty good quality and the straps don't hurt my feet at all.. it could be cause size 6 was the smallest and i'm a 5.5, if anything it's the 4" wedge that starts to hurt.. as with anything that height!


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